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Tips for Extending Your Professional Window Cleaning in Fairfax County, VA

Cleaning windows isn’t the most exciting chore to do along the home, but like everything, it needs doing. Even though they need cleaning, there are ways you can extend your clean windows!

Reston Pressure Washing would like to offer you some steps to get your windows clean and extend the life of those clean windows.

Window Cleaning Solution

Dirty Window Sills and Frames: Make sure that both exterior and interior windows frames and sill are cleaned of debris. Using a broom, collect all the cobwebs from the nooks and corners. On the exterior windows, use the broom to brush off all the dirt and other debris. On the interior use your vacuum hose and appropriate attachments to suck up all the dust and other debris from the window sills, frames and blinds.
Exterior Window Screens: Screens collect much of the grime and need to be cleaned. If you keep your screens on year round, make sure you give them a good cleaning before you crack the windows for fresh air, otherwise your home could get hit with some grit. Using your vacuum hose and brush attachment, suck up the filth. If there is stubborn gunk, using your hose could be the best way to get the screens clean, just make sure they are completely dry before putting them back on.
Crystal Clear Windows: Spray your favorite window cleanser on to your windows until wet. Avoid dripping windows. Wipe clean with a clean, lint-free cloth first horizontally and then follow up vertically to avoid streaks.

Window Cleaning Side Notes:

• Windows are easily cleaned on cooler, cloudy days.
• If you prefer cleaning windows with a squeegee, just wipe the spotted corners with a lint-free cloth.
• Clean the inside windows first, they are generally cleaner then the exterior, and the exterior walls will dirty your supplies quicker.
• When using a squeegee, try angled swipes with your squeegee motion.

Tips on Keeping Windows Cleaner for Longer

– Keep your home well ventilated; this will keep the condensation at bay.
– Keep the window tracks clean to keep the glass clear.
– Keep your BBQ grill a minimum of five feet away from your windows. This will keep sauce, smoke, and grease from filming up onto your windows.
– Keep bushes and tree limbs pruned away from your windows. This will keep the scratches away, along with dust, pollen, and other foreign debris blown on from plant life.
– Keep your HVAC filters replaced regularly.
– Keep burning candles clear of your windows. Whether you burn them for ambience or fragrance in your home, keep the candles away so the smoke doesn’t dingy up the glass.
– Keep the kitchen exhaust fan running while cooking. The fan will suck all the grease and smoke and airborne oils from spotting up your glass.
– Spot clean your exteriors before a rain storm. Rain doesn’t dirty up the windows, it’s the existing dirt that spots up during rain that does the damage.

Professional Window Cleaning, Pressure Washing & Exterior Restoration in Reston, Herndon & McLean Virginia

Reston Pressure Washing has trained professional to get your windows clean and streak free, quickly and efficiently. Whether you find out you lack the time, physical capability, or just don’t have the desire; let us handle it.

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