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What is Pressure Washing Used for in Reston, VA; Exterior Cleaning, Soft Wash Roof Cleans & More

Pressure washing also known a power washing utilizes water under pressure, either cold or heated. Pressure washing can remove paint, dust, dirt, mud, mold and even chewing gum. Added benefits are bacterial removal along with allergens, mildew and particulate pollutants. This can be done with water only or with a detergent, then a rinse. Much…

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Pressure Washer Uses in McLean, VA; Cleaning Exterior Wood, Vinyl Siding, Brick, Concrete & More

To scrub and wash away dirt, grime, mold, stains and all kinds of crud from the exterior of your home, pressure washing is an optimal solution. Not every surface of the exterior of your home is safely power washed, though there are more options when taking advantage of trained professional services. There are some materials…

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