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What Can Pressure Washing do for my Reston VA Commercial Business?

A commercial building is where most businesses conduct day to day operations. They can be a stand-alone building or part of a strip mall. Either way your building should be a place that is inviting and welcoming. Whether you are trying to attract potential customers, keep existing customers or you have just employees coming to work you want the building clean. Most people only think about the building’s interior and usually have a janitorial service come on a regular basis to clean the floors, bathroom and take out trashes. The outside of the building is more susceptible to dirt and build up then the inside so it also needs attention.

Pressure Washing your Business

Pressure washing is a technique that uses high powered water jets to wash down anything from walls to sidewalks. There is usually a large generator and a tank with water. The water is pressurized and shoots out of a specialized hose to do the cleaning. The expertly trained technician then uses that hose to spray the water on whatever surfaces are in need of cleaning.

Pressure Washing Business Property

What can be cleaned? When you are talking about a business there are many areas that are overlooked and not cleaned very often. This can leave your building looking dirty and un-kept and that can tell your customers and employees that you don’t really care. When you talk about what can be pressure washed you are basically talking about the entire exterior and property. You can have all the exterior walls washed down. You can have the entry walkways and sidewalks that lead to the door washed. You can also have the parking area washed as well. All these areas when they are clean are more inviting.

Why Pressure Wash your Business?

Why are they dirty? Just like anything else, the exterior of your building gets dirty. The problem with the exterior is that it is constantly exposed to the weather conditions. This means any time it rains those areas are getting wet. Then you add wind and that stirs up dirt and dust that will stick to walls and siding. It can also blow debris into courtyards and walkways. Another reason to have the exterior washed is the pests that start to make their home in the cracks around the building. The pressure washing can reach into all the small cracks that you otherwise cannot reach and wash away spider’s webs, cob webs and any other pests that have set up shop.

Professional Commercial Pressure Washing for Reston, Herndon & McLean Virginia

Reston Pressure Washing offers commercial services and can have your business looking beautiful, clean and inviting. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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