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What is Pressure Washing Used for in Reston, VA; Exterior Cleaning, Soft Wash Roof Cleans & More

Pressure washing also known a power washing utilizes water under pressure, either cold or heated. Pressure washing can remove paint, dust, dirt, mud, mold and even chewing gum. Added benefits are bacterial removal along with allergens, mildew and particulate pollutants.
This can be done with water only or with a detergent, then a rinse. Much depends on the nature of the surface and what kind of dirt is present. Buildings, graffiti on walls and fences or even vehicles.

What is a Good Water Pressure for a Power Washer?

Pressures range from 750 to 30,000-psi. Waterjet cutters can cut just about anything including metal and run at pressures in the 100,000-psi range. Water under pressure can be versatile tool for cleaning and for industrial uses.

What is Pressure Washing Used For?

Exterior Cleaning – Pressure washing can be used to clean debris from rain gutters. Roofs can benefit from the application of high-pressure water cleaning. Decks, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and patios also can be cleaned. Siding and cladding can be washed as well. At lower pressures mobile car washing can be accomplished By adjusting the pressure, nozzle and water mixtures just about any surface that can tolerate pressure can be cleaned by a power washer. Reston Pressure Washing specializes in power washing services. We can do buildings, home and commercial. High pressure water can remove stains, mold, mildew, and dirt.
Paint Prep – Painting can benefit from pressure washing as it removes old paint, especially those annoying chips that peal from the surface. Instead of a hand scrapping that old paint and pressure washer can reduce that old finish down to the base. This substantially reduces painting preparation for the first coat of fresh paint.
Driveway & Parking Lot Cleaning – Hot water pressure washing is even more effective, particularly against oily stains or drips where cars park in the street or driveway. Anything with an oil base will succumb to high temperature and pressure washing. The addition of detergents cut the most stubborn stains, grime and dirty deposits. The same principle as a self-service car wash, which is pressurized water with a detergent to remove accumulated road grime.
Window Washing – Dialed down pressure washing is surprisingly effective and dealing with dirty windows. Using non-streaking environmentally friendly additives we can offer no streak window pressure washing.
Commercial Exterior Cleaning – For commercial enterprises, particularly retail sales store fronts, image is important. A clean façade builds customer confidence. One area that a lot of flat roofed commercial building need help is with that roof. Being flat it tends to accumulate dirt and debris and should be cleaned annually. It prevents the build up of mold and mildew, and accumulated debris tends to hold moisture creating a potential for degeneration of the roof covering.

Pressure Pressure & Power Washing in Reston, Herndon & McLean Virginia

Exterior cleaning is an important process and will not only improve the appearance but will extend the service life of many or our structural components of our homes and businesses. And a very versatile method is high pressure cleaning systems. Those that provide for hot water for those stubborn services only improve and a solid cleaning method. Interested? Call the pros at Reston Power Washing for a quote today!

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